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".. impressed by the high standards and excellent organization of the School and the overall quality of its programmes.. the School and its international interdisciplinary programmes could and should serve as a possible model for the Academic institutions of the future in Greece." – External Evaluation Committee, Hellenic Quality Assurance & Accreditation Agency, November 2013

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The Course


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems have been a main driver of technological innovation during recent decades and now play a pivotal role in all aspects of modern life. Professionals who are experts in ICT Systems are therefore in constant demand. In order to really stand out in today’s job market ICT professionals need a combination of technical, managerial and interdisciplinary skills from different sectors of the economy, as well as exposure to an international environment. The International Hellenic University (IHU) offers just such a highly diverse graduate programme. In a fully English-speaking environment, our MSc in ICT Systems students learn to excel in their technical skills while also acquiring grounding in managerial skills as these apply in a number of different areas including healthcare, the financial sector and the green economy. The lecture series by leading academic instructors from Greece and abroad, together with projects and dissertation work, mean that students graduate well equipped and highly competitive at international level.

A multitude of employment opportunities are envisaged for graduates of the MSc in ICT Systems programme. Indicatively they include:

Information Systems Management

  • Managerial, technical and research positions in IT departments and IT companies
  • Banking and other Financial Institutions
  • Multinational Corporations and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • e-Commerce and Health software companies

Communication Systems Management

  • Mobile network providers and broadband Internet providers
  • Sensor networks and telematics companies
  • Multimedia content providers and developers (Digital Radio, Television providers and Media)
  • Governmental Telecommunication Regulatory Authorities

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The Structure

The MSc in ICT Systems (full-time) is a 14-month programme taught over three terms. Lectures mainly take place on weekday evenings. The MSc in ICT Systems programme is also available in part-time mode over 26 months for those who cannot commit to a full-time programme either for work or other reasons.

Upon arrival at the IHU all students follow an intensive foundation course titled “Applied Mathematics in ICT” that aims to bring all incoming students to the same level with respect to some of the mathematics knowledge that is required to excel in the programme.  During the first term, all students are required to follow four mandatory core courses. During the second term, all students follow a further three required courses and a combination of elective courses. Finally, during the third semester, work is dedicated exclusively to the Master's dissertation.

the structure

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The First Term

"..The academics are very well prepared and well organized. The Course Office is always available and the staff is very cooperative.."
Andrea Dhimitri, Albania
MSc in ICT Systems

During the first term, all MSc in ICT Systems students follow four (4) mandatorycore courses that provide a thorough grounding in key functional areas of the ICT sector. These core courses sum up to a total of 30 ECTS units.


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The Second Term

During the second term, all students are initially required to attend three (3) required courses which give a total of 18 ECTS.

"..I used to say that at the University I feel like home! You can always find people to talk to and people who care for you. One feels always welcome.."
Maja Petrovska, FYROM
MSc in ICT Systems,
In addition to these required courses, during the second term, students tailor the programme further to their own needs by choosing elective courses. The student can choose* either (i) two elective courses from those offered by the programme or (ii) one of the elective courses offered by the programme and two additional elective courses from a pool of electives common to the three Schools of the university. All elective courses chosen by students during the second term must give a total of 12 ECTS.

Elective Courses offered by the School of Science and Technology: (6 ECTS each)

Elective Courses common to all Schools of the university: (3 ECTS each)

* Some of the elective courses may not be offered in a particular year, depending entirely on student demand. The same course may be offered in a two-year part-time study mode.

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The Third Term

During the third semester, students work on their Masters Dissertation project, the thematic area of which is relevant to their programme of studies and their interests. The dissertation provides a good opportunity to apply theory and concepts learned in different courses to a real-world ICT problem or challenge. Students are supervised throughout "..I would love to do it again ;) rewarding experience"
Student Testimonial
Exit Questionnaire,
their projects by a member of the academic faculty and the academic associates. After submission of the dissertation, students present their projects to classmates and faculty at a special event.

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