MSc in Communications and Cyber Security

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The Programme

The Programme

Every modern organisation faces security risks that threaten their valuable assets; therefore it is imperative to design secure information and communication systems to protect against these threats. What’s more, security and threats have been evolving hand-in-hand, making the burden of security and information assurance a continuous challenge that only highly skilled professionals can handle.

This programme offers a rich curriculum that emphasizes on communication networks and the underlying technologies and vulnerabilities, while at the same time covering critical topics such as information security, forensics, legal and ethical issues etc. The lecture series by leading academics from Greece and abroad, along with projects and dissertation work, ensure that students graduate equipped with state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and modern practical skills, on their way to become highly competitive at international level.

This programme is designed for University graduates of Telecommunications, Informatics/Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering but also of Natural Sciences and Economic and Business Departments, with a strong background in ICT and a strong motivation to pursue a career in Communications and Cyber Security related domains.


The Structure

The MSc in Communications and Cyber Security (full-time) is a 14-month programme taught over three terms. Lectures mainly take place on weekday evenings. It is also available in part-time mode over 26 months for those who cannot commit to a full-time programme either for work or other reasons.

Upon arrival at the IHU all students attend foundation courses in Java and SQL, that aims to bring all incoming students to the same level with respect to some of the programming knowledge that is required. During the first term, all students are required to follow five (5) mandatory core courses. During the second term, all students follow a further three (3) required courses combined with two (2) elective courses. Finally, during the third term, work is dedicated exclusively to the Master's dissertation.


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