Research and Publications

In terms of research output the School of Science and Technology currently comprises two elected faculty members, four academic associates, an academic coordinator and the Dean of the School.

The School's areas of expertise thus lie in areas relevant to our graduate programmes: Information and Communication Technologies (wireless & sensor networks, smart grids, energy efficient networking & Green ICT, optimization and control theory artificial intelligence, ontologies & semantic Web, data mining, sentiment analysis); Energy Technologies (solar thermal systems, renewable energy sources, life cycle analysis, energy policy & management, computational fluid dynamics); and energy Economics & finance, macroeconomics and behavioral finance.

The School expects to grow even further in the coming years with the placement of even more permanent teaching and research faculty as well as with the introduction of PhD students from mid-2014 onwards.


Journal Publications

Journal Publications

  • Tsalikis G., Martinopoulos G., «Solar energy systems potential for nearly net zero energy residential buildings», Solar Energy, Volume 115, p. 743-756, 2015
  • Kontopoulos, E., Martinopoulos, G., Lazarou, D., Bassiliades, N., «An ontology-based decision support tool for optimizing domestic solar hot water system selection», (2015) Journal of Cleaner Production. Article in Press.
  • Dergiades, T., C. Milas and T. Panagiotidis (2015). Tweets, Google Trends and Sovereign Spreads in the GIIPS. Oxford Economic Papers, forthcoming.
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  • Liakakou E.T., Heracleous E., Triantafyllidis K.S., Lemonidou A.A. (2015) “K-promoted NiMo catalysts supported on activated carbon for the hydrogenation reaction of CO to higher alcohols: Effect of support and active metal”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental p.165-296
  • Skoufa Z., Heracleous E., Lemonidou A.A. (2015) “On ethane ODH mechanism and nature of active sites over NiO-based catalysts via isotopic labelling and methanol sorption studies”, Journal of Catalysis 322, p.118–129
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  • Antzara A., Heracleous E., Lemonidou A.A., (2014) “Development of CaO-based Mixed Oxides as Stable Sorbents for Post-Combustion CO2 capture via Carbonate Looping”, Energy Procedia 63, p. 2160 – 2169
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  • Dergiades T., G. Martinopoulos, L.Tsoulfidis, (2013). Energy consumption and economic growth: Parametric and non-parametric causality testing for the case of Greece. Energy Economics, 36(3), 686–697.
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Conference Publications

Conference Publications

  • Papakostas K., Martinopoulos G. and Papadopoulos A., A Comparison of Various Heating Systems in Greece Based on Efficiency and Fuel Cost. 17th International Symposium on Thermal Science and Engineering of Serbia, Sokobanja;
  • Rossios K., Sardi K., Martinopoulos G.: Numerical Simulation of Lng Evaporation Inside Semi-trailer Trucks Used for the Transportation of Lng to Small Scale Terminals and Refueling Stations: Parameters and Implications. 8th GRACM International Congress on Computational Mechanics, Volos, Greece;
  • Anastasiou F. and Martinopoulos G., “Solar Air Conditioning Systems As A Step Towards Nearly Net Zero Energy Buildings”, 10th Conference on Renewable Energy Sources, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2014 (In Greek)
  • Befa M., E. Kontopoulos, N. Bassiliades, C. Berberidis and I. Vlahavas, “Deploying a Semantically-Enabled Content Management System in a State University” Proc. International Conference on Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspective (EGOVIS 2010), Bilbao, Spain, 30 Aug - 3 Sep 2010 LNCS, Vol. 6267, Springer, pp. 257-264, 2010.
  • Charaviglio L., D. Ciullio, G. Koutitas, M. Meo and L. Tassiulas, “Energy-Efficient Planning and Management of Cellular Networks” IEEE Wireless on demand Network Systems and Services (WONS) Courchevel, Italy 2012.
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  • Dimitriadis E., Missirlis D., Martinopoulos G., “Investigation of the Performance of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine with the Use of Blade Element Momentum Theory and CFD Computations”, European Wind Energy Association Conference 2014, Barcelona, March 2014.
  • Dogan K., Martinopoulos G., “Blade Element Momentum Theory and CFD modeling as a tool for optimizing wind turbine blade design” World Renewable Energy Congress WREC XIII, London, 2014.
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Edited volume details

Edited volume details (until Nov. 2013)

  • Grammenos C. Th., T. Dergiades and G. Mazis (2013). Evidence on the Pricing of the Syndicated Loans for the Global Port Industry, Accepted for publication in a collective volume related to the global port industry. (forthcoming)