External Evaluation Report of IHU School of Science & Technology

External Evaluation Report of IHU School of Science & Technology Publicized – School Earns Acclaim Over High Standards and Excellence


".. impressed by the high standards and excellent organization of the School and the overall quality of its programmes.. the School and its international interdisciplinary programmes could and should serve as a possible model for the Academic institutions of the future in Greece." – External Evaluation Committee

A team of independent evaluators from prestigious institutions such as Imperial, the University of Southern California, Karlsruhe Inst. Of Technology, the University of Nottingham and industry carried out in November 2013 an external evaluation of the IHU School of Science & Technology, on behalf of the Hellenic Quality Assurance & Accreditation Agency (ΑΔΙΠ).

Their findings, published in a publicly available report, are highly praiseful of the School’s organization, high quality of Greek and international faculty and programmes of study. The report concludes with suggestions for expanding further and urges the Greek State to support even further the School in its efforts to become a beacon of excellence in education in Greece and the wider region.

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