School of Science and Technology Faculty

Prof. Nikos Tsinikas

Professor of Architectural Design & Architectural Technology Architect A.U.T. 1975, M.Sc. Sound & Vibration I.S.V.R. 1978, Dr. Architect A.U.T. 1983, Professor School of Architecture A.U.T. 2000. Member M.I.O.A., eCAADe, IASS. Vice-president Hel.In.A. Director 5th Department School of Architecture, Vice-president School of Architecture. Participation in the general assembly for the creation of a) School of Media & b) School of Film. Member of editing board of the magazine of A.U.T. ‘Panepistimiou-poli’, Head of School of Film 2007-11. Teaching in School of Architecture, of Environment, of Journalism and Media and of Film. Research programs in architectural design, architectural acoustics. Member of the scientific team for Greek legislation for sound insulation. Publications on subjects related to architecture, acoustics and music. Books: Architectural Technology 1993. Nature & Space Structures 1997. Forms in Nature & Technology 1999. Architecture versus Gravity 2001. Acoustic Design of Rooms 2005. Architecture & Music 2009. Architectural Projects: Museum in a Neoclassic Building, Kindergarten, Shopping Center, Archaeological Center A.U.T., Museum, Refectory, EXPO 2008 proposal, School of Informatics A.U.T., Housing, Offices and Shops. Acoustic Design Projects: Noise Maps, Sound Insulation – Protection of Buildings, Cinemas, Amphitheatres, Multi-purpose Halls, Conference Centers, Music Schools, Theatres, Open-Air Theatres, Music Halls. Knowledge Field: Architectural Design, Industrial Design, Architectural Acoustics, Architectural Technology, Lightweight Constructions, Documentary Films. Courses: Nature & Space Structures, Architecture of Sound, Noise & Music, Objects (Industrial Design) & Optic-acoustic media & architecture