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Dr Isaac A. Meir

Dr Isaac A. Meir

Isaac A. Meir is architect and town planner (B.Arch.T.Pl. & M.Sc, Technion-I.I.T.), and archaeologist (PhD, BGU). He is Associate Professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and has been Chair, Desert Architecture & Urban Planning, and Dept. of Man in the Desert (2005-2010), at the Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, BGU. He has published over a hundred papers, reports, chapters in books, books on appropriate design for arid regions, as author, co-author or co-editor, in English and Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese and Serbo-Croat. Visiting Lecturer, Environment & Energy Studies, AASA, London (1992); Visiting Professor, School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University (2000-1); Honorary Visiting Professor, School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2010-2011). Participated in the design of environmentally conscious and experimental projects, including private and public buildings and clusters in the Negev and the Arava deserts. Consultant to various institutions, among them the Israel Ministries of Construction and Housing, and of National Infrastructures, the Israel Land Administration, and the Standards Institute of Israel, incl. the Green Label Directorate. Recipient of the Sheba Award of the Ben-Gurion Fund - for Desert Architecture (1988) and for Excelling Scientist (2006), the Dori Award for Technology (1992), and the Architecture of Israel Award for Research (2011).

Current research interests include sustainable, environment conscious design in arid zones with special focus on energy and other resources conservation; Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) in buildings; Life Cycle Energy Assessment (LCEA) of building materials, systems and buildings; integration and uptake of green technologies; the microclimate of open spaces; evolution and adaptation of building technology and types, with special focus on the vernacular and low-cost low-tech retrofit; urbanization among the Bedouin of Israel; proactive contingency planning; and alternative information dissemination and education.

In recent years he has headed a number of multi-disciplinary teams working on inter-disciplinary projects, among them:

2004-2010 - Design Manual for Bio-Climatic Construction. Israel Ministry of National Infrastructures.
2005-2010 - Master plan for 1000 housing units and assorted facilities. Israel Ministry of Construction and Housing.
2007-2009 - Green Sustainable Criteria for Public Buildings. Mifal haPais (Israel National Lottery).
2008-2010 - Transformative Technologies: Technological Knowledge and the Potential for Impacting Social Change. IDER Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grant.
2009-current – Integrating Green Technologies in a Sustainable Indigenous Sustainable Desert Community – Wadi Attir Project. Sustainability Laboratory.