"Social Media Crawling and Mining" Workshop

The International Hellenic University School of Science and Technology

and the Information Technologies Institute (ITI-CERTH)

are happy to invite you to a workshop titled

"Social Media Crawling and Mining"


Thursday, 8th May 2014, at IHU's Computer Labs from 12.00-16.00+


IHUSocial Sensor


Through this seminar, the students will become familiar with the area of social media monitoring and mining, and will be introduced to a distributed architecture for monitoring, analyzing and indexing social media content from multiple social networks. The base architecture has been developed by the SocialSensor project and leverages widely used open technologies, such as MongoDB, Solr, and Storm. The seminar will contain both a brief theoretical overview of the field of social media monitoring and mining, and hands-on exercises on a set of specific problems. In particular, the following topics will be covered:

  • Online Social Networks as a source of capturing valuable insights (presentation)
  • Monitoring social content: the SocialSensor crawler (hands-on)
  • Management of Social Network data
  • JSON storage and indexing using mongoDB (hands-on)
  • Full text indexing and search using Solr (hands-on)
  • Trend detection in social media (presentation)


Required knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming with a focus on Java.
  • Experience with database and indexing systems with a focus on MongoDB and Solr.
  • Experience with the Eclipse IDE.


Instructors: Manos Schinas, Katerina Iliakopoulou, Symeon Papadopoulos, Yiannis Kompatsiaris


The number of available spaces in this workshop is limited, and thus prior registration is required. After you register the School will contact you via email to confirm if your participation in the event has been successful. Please indicate your interest by registering here: http://bit.ly/1epbDJ5

The working language of the workshop is English.

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